Monday, October 31, 2011

Great things about being blind. When you're a little anxious by smelling smoke.

We were away for the weekend and took the train back yesterday. It is so nice to have a small guide dog who can fit comfortably at my feet on the train. We boarded and Tulia curled up at my feet. Soon after leaving the station, I smelled smoke. Lots of it. Others pointed out to train staff about the smoke. I was nervous at first and then realized that Tulia was lying sound asleep on my feet. If it had been very dangerous, I think her canine instincts to flee would have gotten her up at least sitting up and sniffing. It made me calmer. The train stopped. Smell of smoke grew less. They checked everything out and thought it was due to new brake pads. On we went. No more smoke until we approached our station. Then I smelled it again but not as strongly. so, Tulia was right. Nothing to worry about. I am so so much calmer in these situations with a steady, calm guide at my feet. Thank you to my guide dogs for being such wonderful workers and companions.

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