Saturday, October 29, 2011

Great things about being blind. Touching a koala bear.

I hadn't thought of this in a long time. A friend yesterday posted something on facebook about a koala bear and it made me think of this. When I was in University, my dad lived in Australia working for the Canadian government. I went to visit him there one christmas. We went to a zoo of sorts. Not a real zoo as the animals were free within the grounds. Kangaroos, camels, even a wombat. I touched them all. It was so wonderful to feel the fur or hair, the shape of them. To listen to rare birds. The man who owned the farm took me around and let me touch things. Generally, no one was allowed to touch anything. We reached the koala lying on a branch. He said, "I'm going to let you touch the koala's back. Just so you know, the queen of england was here and I wouldn't even let her touch the koala." I did touch its nice soft fur. Go blind people. We can do things sometimes even royalty doesn't get to do.

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