Sunday, October 16, 2011

Great things about being blind. Thankful for family.

I won't write much about this here yet, but a family member has had quite a serious accident. He will be okay but it got me to thinking about my family. My parents and grandparents, uncle, and other relatives had probably never been around a blind person before I was born. They didn't know anything about blind people. How they did things. How they functioned. If this blog had been around for them, perhaps it may have helped them. And maybe it is helping others. I would like to hope it is anyway. But, they rose to the occasion. They included me in everything and never limited the activities we did as a family because of me. We all skated, cross country skiid, bicycled, swam, water skied, and more. They always treated me like an intelligent kid and said I could do whatever I wanted in life. They gave me confidence. They gave me humour. They gave me determination and I am forever grateful to them for being so wonderful.

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