Friday, October 21, 2011

Great things about being blind. The public amuses me.

The other day, I was clothes shopping with my mom. She is a good shopper and likes it. We were in a store and found these inexpensive but nice jackets. I was trying one on. Not in the fitting room but in the area just outside of them. My mom had gone to look for more jackets. Tulia was sitting beside me in harness. A lady walked in towards the fitting rooms. She started patting Tulia. How do I know? You can feel a motion through the leash which I was holding. I explained patiently that she shouldn't pat my dog because my dog was working. I know this confuses some people. If the dog is sitting still or lying under the table in harness, are they still working? Yes they are. I am very clear about people not patting my dogs while working. It can lead to dangerous behaviours like the dog running me into something, pulling me towards people, etc. tulia is a people friendly dog so I have to be careful. And besides, she's so cute everyone wants to pat her. The woman said, "I have to pat your dog because I was blind for a year when I was 17." I just repeated, "Don't pat my dog. She is working." The woman went into the fitting room and closed the door. I laughed. Tulia was just sitting there like a statue. but how could someone justify patting a dog because they were blind once. I wrecked my knee a few years back and was pretty physically incapacitated so does that mean that I get to pat every service dog for a wheelchair user? I just can't follow the logic. I didn't buy the jacket either as it didn't fit.


  1. That's hilarious! I've had people come up and start playing with my puppies and when I asked them to stop they justified it with, "I used to train Guide Dogs." I've always returned with, "Then you know better than most people that you should ask before petting a dog that is working."


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