Friday, October 14, 2011

Great things about being blind. The dog that welcomes you home.

I went to a storytelling house concert last night. It was crowded and I got a ride and besides it was raining and Tulia hates rain. So I left her at home. I had a wonderful time. Great stories, food, and company. I hardly ever leave Tulia home. She is my guide after all. So, last night when I came in, I was a little disappointed. All was quiet. No Tulia waiting at the door. As I took off my jacket though, a thundering racket on the stairs. A jumping. A bouncing. A leaping running labrador came flying down two flights of steps as she had been up on her bed in the bedroom. A wagging joyful dog who gave me kisses and sniffs and wags. I'm glad she wasn't pining away for me but doesn't it make your heart joyful to know that another being is so glad to have you home?

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