Monday, December 12, 2011

Great things about being blind. Identifying gifts.

I told a little story the other day about how good I was and am at identifying wrapped gifts. It makes sense really. I have a good sense of touch, hearing, and smell. I would always pick up wrapped gifts as a kid. First, I would feel their shape. If something is flat and square and you squeeze the edges and they bend, maybe it is a book. Then, I would shake it and listen. Clothes swish back and forth in the box for example. I would smell it. Chocolate orr other foods smell of course and so does leather or bath products. I was so good at it as a kid. I would be very unpopuuuuuularough by telling everyone very loudly what they got. They found me quite irritating at times. Especially the gift givers who were trying to surprise others.

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