Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Great things about being blind. The bad day that turned good.

Yesterday started out very badly.  I had reserved a taxi the night before to pick me up at 8 AM to take me to the airport.  When I reserved the cab, I specifically stated that I was blind and would be traveling with my guide dog.  Tulia and I were standing on the porch at around 5 to 8 and I heard a car pull up and stop.  He never got out or said who he was.  I walked down the stairs and called,  "Are you my taxi."
He opened his door and went crazy on me.
"I will die if that dog is in my car.  I will die.  I have allergies.  I have a note from the doctor."
I calmly explained that I had mentioned the dog when I called ahead.  That not taking us was against the law.  I put my hand on the cab door.  "No no no I can't take you.  I will die."
"then, you have about two minutes to get me another cab because I reserved it for 8 Am.  You will stay here until you get me one or I will get in your car."
He called dispatch.
The dispatcher gave him a hard time.  He was yelling at dispatch but telling them his customer was very agitated.
I was mad but calm not agitated.  That was him.
A cab pulled up behind him.  A very nice guy who got out and told the other one that he was an idiot.
Then, took me in his cab.
He even walked us to the air line desk which was very nice of him.
He was lovely and kind.
The porter airline staff were stellar yesterday.
Helping when I needed it.  Not condescending or over solicitous.
I took three other taxis.  All drivers were wonderful and great.
The workshop I presented went very well I think and hope.  A great group of people working with new Canadians who wanted to learn how storytelling can assist them in their work.
My flight home was delayed.  As I said in the last blog post, I sat on the plane home beside a very nice man and we had great conversations.
He walked with me out to the cabs at the end of it all so I didn't have to wait for staff to do it.
Very kind of him and he just directed  Tulia and I perfectly.
When I got home, there was a phone message from the cab company management asking me to call.  Will keep you posted.


  1. I don't care what he says, he wouldn't have died. If they were really that serious I think he might have explained that my eyes will swell shut and my throat with close up and then I'll crash the taxi causes us both a serious amount of pain. In which case, I think he might have had a point. But otherwise, nope. You'd think people would exhibit a little compassion. *sigh*

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  3. You have teached me a whole new world of respect for well,the unique way you see the world in such a detail if only more people can see the great person you are,some call it a "problem" but after reading your story i dont think so,i wish i could read in the dark to ! must be very cool,you make me think about so simple things in my life i have never gived atention before,thanks a lot,and a hello from Brazil =)


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