Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Great things about being blind. And they say guide dogs don't problem solve?

Yesterday, I was doing a bit of christmas shopping and moving through a crowded little mall of sorts.  Tulia is very careful as she moves along through crowds.  I had wanted to go straight to the end of this open space.  Suddenly, Tulia turned left.  She did it with purpose so I followed her.  She then turned right and right again and back to where we had been.  I had no idea what she was doing until someone ran up to me to tell me about it.  She said there was a huge crowd of people standing talking and not moving.  Tulia had looked at them and then stared at them to see if they would move.  She does have the power to get people to do it but these people were oblivious I guess.  Tulia then glanced around and then spun left and then right and right again after we had gone around the people.  The woman was chuckling and said Tulia gave the group a bit of a dirty look with eyebrows raised.  As if to say, "You make my job so tough."  I thought back to some conversations where people say animals can't think and problem solve.  They sure can.  Thanks to Tulia for her work and dedication.  Thanks to you whoever you are who came and told me all about it so eloquently.

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