Friday, December 16, 2011

Great things about being blind. Happy birthday to the Tulia dog.

My guide dog tulia is three years old today.   Where does the time go?
I've learned so much from her over the year and a few months that we've been together.
She is my fourth guide dog and they all teach us so much.
Tulia is the happiest dog I've ever seen.  Filled with a joy and love of life and all that is in it.  She bounces along with glee.  She is also calm and focused when working.  She is very intelligent.  She gives everyone around her joy and makes people smile who aren't feeling particularly like smiling at all.  First thing in the morning, when she hears me stir, she always gets up off her doggy bed and bounces over, I hear her collar jingle and her paws swishing across the carpet.  Then there is a wagging body beside me and a little chin leaning on the edge of the bed.  "Good morning!  Good morning!  Good morning!  Isn't it fabulous to be alive."  Then, she quietly goes back to bed.  I've grown to love this little ritual of hers.  Happy birthday wonderful Tulia.  Everyone that knows you is lucky to have you in their lives.

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