Sunday, December 11, 2011

great things about being blind. Music, storytelling, and guide dogs make an impression

Yesterday, I volunteered with some singing friends. They sing in a small group either trio or quartet. We all went to a group of people who are homeless or at least are at risk of being homeless. I went along to tell stories and of course had Tulia my guide dog with me. As the hour progressed, people interacted with us all more and more. Listening to the songs, suggesting carols, and laughing at my funny stories. I had two stories to tell. At the end they begged for another one. After all was done, I took Tulia's harness off and some of them patted her and she rolled around looking for belly rubs of course. The combination of music, stories, and dogs was a magical one. Touched my heart. As we left, huge snowflakes were tumbling from the sky. Thank you to my friend for inviting me along. To those who listened and welcomed us all.

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