Thursday, December 29, 2011

Great things about being blind. First wintry walk.

We've had snow and it is cold here.  So, yesterday, my guide dog and I took our very first walk in the major snow and snow conditions.  First, I put on her boots for the first time in months.  She wasn't particularly happy about this.  I called her and she came but when she saw the pruple pawz boots, she sneaked off.  Usually, she bounces over and I can hear her collar jingling but I heard none of that this time.  Didn't know where she crept off too.  I called her and reluctantly she came back.  Then, when I would try to put a boot on, she would curl up her paw and try to move it.  Once one boot was on though, she was great about the rest and enjoyed her liver treat when they all were on.  I think she was glad to have them on for the salt.  Her work in the snow was brilliant.  She was careful and cautious and guided me skillfully and carefully around clumps of snow.  I love to hear the patter of doggy paws in their boots too.  It is freezing this morning so soon we shall have another session of boot drama.  Stay warm and safe.

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