Wednesday, May 15, 2013

High tech low tech both fascinate the public.

yesterday, two other hosts and I launched a radio show by and for and about people with disabilities. I will blog more about the show soon. I am still absorbing the launch and how it felt. However, I want to say this. We had media coverage from CBC radio and CBC television in Canada. The tv man was in the studio filming us as we did our show. This is community radio so we have to do all aspects of it. Conduct the interviews, play the music, operate the sound board. Everything. I had my iphone in the dock and was running music from it. I turned the speech off and ran it from my braille display so radio audiences don't hear the sound. The journalist was fascinated by this. And then, in the next breath he wanted to make sure he got a photo of the guide dog lying under the desk. What a contrast between two of the things that help me to lead an independent life. My guide dog (low tech in many ways) and my braille display and my phone (high tech) but both so important and essential. Here is the link to go and find our show. Once you get to the site, search for welcome to my world or tuesday at 9:30 AM. CKCU radio

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