Monday, May 27, 2013

Have I walked through your photo opps?

This morning, my guide dog and I were moving along a sidewalk. Up ahead, there was commotion. Lots of talking. Walkie talkies and things like that. A man offered to help get me around the chaos. I asked if it was construction. This is construction season after all. But no, they were making a movie. I asked if they would like a very cute and well behaved dog in their movie. He laughed but said no. Poor Tulia! She could have been famous. after moving on, I got to thinking. How many times have I obliviously barged through people's photo opps, wedding pictures, video highlights, etc? If I have inadvertently done this, I am truly sorry. Maybe I should brush Tulia, dress myself up and go back and see if we can be in a movie? But, I've got workto do here and Tulia is sleeping in the sun. So, no movies for us.

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