Monday, June 4, 2012

Visit from the guide dog school.

Each year, our field representative from the guide dog school pays us a visit. The great thing about Guide Dogs For the Blind is that they will also come and see you if you have any issues at any time. but, each year, they visit and offer you the chance of getting together and going for a walk, learning a new route, or working on anything you would like to learn. Our visit was on Friday and we worked on getting to the new vet's place. We tried various ways of getting there to find the safest and best one. My guide dog found everything. Remembered everything and worked like a pro. even yesterday, she found me new audible crossing buttons at another street. This is her new particular skill. Finding the poles with the audible buttons. It is quite amazing. When the visits are over, all of my guides have gotten quite silly when they get home. Rolling about and prancing. Like they just passed a very important exam. It is so cute!

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