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Re: [Great-White-North] My guide dog makes me laugh so hard!

Tulia reminds me of her half sister. Shelby loves to show me poles for crossing whether or not I need them. Especially the ones we need to cross to get to the grocery store that's a couple of blocks away. Her tale wags agains my leg very hard when she's so proud of showing me things.
Andrea and Shelby
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As many of you may know, my lovely guide dog somehow sprained her
foot last week. She has been home resting for the past few days.
Just going out to go to the bathroom about a half block away and
back inside. Gradually, she has started wanting to do more.
Wanting to play and go with me whereever I go. This morning,
before it gets too hot, I decided to try walking the 2 short
blocks to a building with a coffee shop inside in the food court
of the little mall. Tulia had not been happy when I went out
with my white cane and left her home. So, I put my cane in my
backpack and was also prepared to turn back if she started
limping. We set off. We walked slowly and carefully. But,
Tulia decided to show off her brilliance in her work and show me
everything along the way that she had ever showed me. Crossing
poles for the audible signals. She marched up to those and
planted herself right beside them. Doors. Benches. Tables we
had sat at. Showing me everything. As if to say, "What are you
doing with that crazy white cane? I am much much smarter!" I was
laughing so hard. We got to the coffee shop. She found the
line, then a table, then lay on my feet. I drank my iced coffee
and practiced some stories for our upcoming odyssey storytelling
show, and then back we came. Once again on the way back, she
pointed out the crossing pole, guided me around the recycle bins
(it is garbage day here) and came home flawlessly. I do not
think she limped either. She is still on her anti-inflamatory
meds but seems to be doing very well. She is being cautious with
her footing but I do not mind that at all. I'm still chuckling
at how she showed me she cannot be replaced by a white stick.
What a little character she is. She is now flat on her back in
the sun!

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