Saturday, June 2, 2012

Odyssey from a dog's view.

My name is Tulia. I am the cutest black lab that ever lived or
ever will live. Now, here is what you must know about the
odyssey. All of the storytellers are working very very very very
hard. I should know. I've been there for all that practicing
and talking and moving about and discussing characters and
everything. I snore through some of it but it is very good. I
must point out that the first being to recognize odysseus when he
comes home is not a person. Sure, his son does it after a
goddess points it out. But the first being to truly truly
recognize him is not a person but a dog. Here's to the
brilliance of canines I say. So buy tickets and come on June 16.
If you do, you will see me. And if you do and ask Kim nicely
when my harness is off, you can pat me. Who can resist that?

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