Monday, June 25, 2012

Grateful to live where I do!

I was on my way to the bus stop yesterday, when it started to rain very hard! my guide dog and I were soaked by the time we reached the bus shelter. I was feeling sorry for myself, soggy, and damp. I stepped into the shelter and then struck up a conversation with a man who was also waiting for the bus. He told me that he had worked all night at a grocery store. That he had come here from Libiya and had arrived here just before all of the fighting broke out there. He has lost 2 friends in the fighting. He was in his last year of medical school when he was forced to leave. Imagine, almost becoming a doctor and having to flee your country. Coming to a new land, and having to start all over again. "show, being wet did not matter to me any more and he began saying how great Canada is, I felt very proud and we had a wonderful conversation during our long wait for the bus. Thank you, for helping me put things into perspective.

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