Thursday, June 14, 2012

How old is a guide dog when it starts working?

A friend of mine wrote on my facebook wall and asked me about when a guide dog is old enough to take the responsibility of being a guide dog. It varies a little with each dog. First, when they are puppies, they go and live with a family who trains them how to be good dogs and gets them used to all kinds of situations. Then, they go in for formal guide dog training. All of my guides have been a little under two years old when matched with me. Some can be about a year and a half and some can be older. Thanks as ever to all of the puppy raisers who read this. Without you, our dogs could not be the calm and socialized beings they are! And thanks to the guide dog trainers reading this (especially those who trained my wonderful Gia and Tulia) you have given me a gift that is the most precious thing I could ever get.

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