Friday, October 5, 2012

Using your eyes!

I was told recently that my guide dog uses her eyes very expressively to communicate. I have been told this before. She pulls people in with them. She shows people to move out of the way with them. She raises her eyebrows. Someone said to me the other day that she was looking at me and then looking at them. They were guiding me and she glanced at them as if to say, "Okay. I'm off duty I guess?" It got me wondering. If my dog is so visual in her communication, does she find it frustrating that I don't get her visual signals? I imagine no. She uses other signals with me. She wags her whole self. She nudges me with her head. She puts a paw on my foot. She rubs her body against my legs. But, at first, she might have been a bit confused? Why is this person not communicating with me? Perhaps I am reading too much into this. Any thoughts?

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