Thursday, October 25, 2012

I come with the dog!

I had been in conversation with someone who wanted to film me for a documentary. It sounded quite interesting. Documentary on blindness. I got an e-mail yesterday about it that stopped me in my tracks. Yes, wanted to film me but would do it without the dog. Without the dog? What? Wanting me to walk around the neighbourhood without the dog? Film what it is like to be me to be blind without the dog? I said no and I would not participate. No no no! I walk with the dog for a reason. Not for show. Not for the fun of it although it is fun. I walk with the dog to have safe mobility. By filming me stumbling around with no mobility aid, does this give a good impression of blindness? No! My dog is part of me. Part of the team. Sure I could use a white cane and do but that is when I choose to do so. But, if someone wants a picture of my life, the dog is in it. Would they ask someone with one leg to take off their artificial leg and hop about? No! Would they ask someone who uses a wheelchair to get out and roll about on the ground? No! I am and always have been honoured and glad to have my dogs in my life. It makes me sad and angry when people do not understand this. I am glad that most people get it.

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