Thursday, October 18, 2012

Some police who need to have their eyes checked perhaps?

I was startled the other day by an arsicle. Some police in the UK thought a blind man's white cane was a sword and tasered him. A sword really? For anyone who does not know, the white cane identifies someone as blind or partially sighted. there are longer white canes that people use to travel if they are totally blind or have very low vision. There are also smaller shorter canes called identification canes. People carrying these canes do not need them to walk with but use them so that people know they have some vision difficulties. When someone travels with a white cane, they swing it of course. This is so that you can feel objects around you as you touch them with the cane. Yes you move it back and forth. Yes you touch things. Yes you may bang into things. That is what you do. But a sword? Really? Thank goodness I travel with a guide dog. I hope no law enforcers ever think my guide is asome kind of danerous weapon.

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