Monday, October 29, 2012

Stay safe in the storm.

Much of North America will be hit by a big storm this week. Fortunately, I believe that we will miss most of it where I live. When you are blind, knowing your environment is very important. When I go out in a few minutes, I need to walk a few blocks to the bus stop. My dog guides me along but I do use certain landmarks to know where I am. A mailbox on my left, I can hear it is there and know I am close to the corner. I know where the garbage cans are along the way for doggy gifts. I know the bus stop pole. If a storm moves these things and others, I could be a bit turned around. Also, wind makes it difficult for me to hear traffic, people around me, and can be quite disorienting. So storms bring challenges to us all but sometimes different challenges to people who are blind.

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