Monday, July 9, 2012

Sorry for junk mail posts and a cute Tulia story.

I am sorry that sometimes some post sneaks on here telling you to click or join or something. I may have to go in and change my blog settings so this doesn't happen. Don't click on anything unless it is in a blog post from me just to be on the safe side. Today, my guide dog and I were on the bus. A man across from me said, "That is an old old dog." I'm not sure if he was blind himself as no one but no one calls Tulia old. If anything, they say she looks like a young pup. I said that no she wasn't old. Others on the bus chimed in and said she didn't look old at all. Then, he said, "That dog is looking at you like oh it is so sad you are blind." I almost laughed out loud. Patiently, I said, "Well, I don't think so because if I wasn't blind, she'd be out of a job!" The people around us roared with laughter. Then he said, "That dog doesn't like being with you very much." At this, Tulia tilted her neck and kissed me right on the face. Everyone in the bus roared some more with laughter. So did I. Then of course, Tulia hammed it up. Tilted her head at the people and someone said raised and flicked her eye lashes. The man didn't make any more comments and we soon got off the bus with people around us still snickering. Takes all kinds I guess.

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