Friday, July 13, 2012

It's written right there on the board!

Yesterday two times this happened to me. I'm not sure if the people realized whether or not I was blind? I'd like to hope they didn't know. They weren't able to see my guide dog over the counter? At least, I hope this was the case. If not.... I went out yesterday to run errands before it got too hot. I entered a store and asked about some items in the bakery. "They're all listed on the board over there." "I can't see it.' "Really?" Then she did read it to me. In another store, I asked a similar question and receivd a similar answer. I was despairing of humanity as I approached a street crossing. My heart sank. There was a huge fan blowing loudly and a large truck parked at the corner so I couldn't hear anything except loud noise. This makes it impossible to read traffic. As I was standing there, a man approached and said, "I imagine all of this noise makes it hard for you to figure out when to cross the street." A rational human being who doesn't expect me to read menus on the wall? Thank you! I could have hugged him. I agreed he was right and he told me when the light had changed. Maybe he should go and educate those store people?

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