Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Is my guide dog training me?

Hi all,
It was cooler for a couple of days but today heating up again and
it is supposed to stay hot for many days. Tulia and I just got
back from a walk. I may have said this here already but she is
quite smitten with finding me
poles for audible crossing buttons. When we get to a corner, I
ask her if one is there. She spins her head left, right,
wagging, and if the pole is there with the button, she prances us
over and puts her face right under the button. I don't even know
where they are half the time as they are always in different
places but she sure knows them and finds them. If there isn't
one there, she hangs her head. She loves finding things.
Anyway, this morning, we went to the bakery which she hasn't been
to in ages and she found it. Then we walked some more and found
some crossing poles and she found a bus stop too which we didn't
need and a garbage can and a million coffee shops. Anyway, we
got to this corner where I know an audible pole is. She stopped
walking so I put my hand out, expecting the pole and encountered
a backpack. She had stopped not for the pole but because she
couldn't get around as there where lots of people there. The guy
turned around quite startled. I said I was sorry. I didn't tell
him I thought he was an audible crossing pole. I guess Tulia has
me well trained right?

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