Monday, July 23, 2012

Public bathrooms.

As promised a few days ago, here is a story about public
bathrooms. They are tricky to navigate for someone who is blind.
They are never laid out in the same fashion. When you enter the
room, you do not know where things are. And even when you find
thebasics, you do not know where other things are. For example,
you find the toilet but are not sure where the toilet paper is,
where the flusher is. You find the sink but where is the soap.
Are there paper towels or a dryer. Where is the garbage can?
Within the past few years, new difficulties have arisen.
Sometimes you find the sink and are feeling about when the taps
go on of their own acord. Same now with paper towel dispensers,
hand dryers and even flushers for toilets. My dog can help me
find the basics in bathrooms. Like the door to get in, doors to
stalls etc. But not where soap is or anything like that. So,
entering a public bathroom is always quite an adventure.

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