Monday, February 25, 2013

Not in the dark.

I was trying to describe to one of my blog readers yesterday about what I see. In one eye, I see light and dark and shadows if they are within maybe a foot of my eye. In the other I see nothing. People say, "Does it look like dark?" No, it is just nothing. Not a scary nothing. But nothing. They asked if it was emptiness. Well, maybe. But the thing is that I am focusing on my other senses so even dark does not feel dark. When I walk around the house at night in the dark, I hear the furnace, the floor creeking, sounds from outside. I feel the carpet or the floor under my feet. I smell whatever scents are about. And I can touch everything I would touch in the daytime and know what it is. So it doesn't feel dark in a bad way as my world is full of the other senses. Hope this description makes sense. Thanks to all for your questions and reading of this blog. Another new parent of a blind child has found it. Welcome! Glad I have made you feel more positive about blindness. an aspiring song-writer is now here too. People working on school projects. Friends, family, and others. Glad to have you all here.

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