Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How do you dream?

I may have blogged about this before but it came up again this morning so thought I would do so again. How does a blind person dream? I was amazed one day when my brother talked about a dream he had. In his dream, he was watching himself like in a film. I was shocked. "You dream like that?" "Sometimes. How do you dream?" So, I thought about it. In my dreams, I can hear people talking and know them by their voices if they are familiar to me. I also can hear sounds around me that let me know where I am and what is there. I also touch things as I would in my every day life. Sometimes one of my guide dogs past or present is guiding me. Sometimes I am moving around by myself. Sometimes I can fly. I am up in the air. Moving along. Hearing things. Feeling the sun on me. I do not smell or taste as often in my dreams. Sometimes, I know where I am in a dream for no reason except that I "k it. I think that happens to sighted people too. If anyone has questions, send them along to kimstoryteller@me.com

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