Saturday, February 23, 2013

My mom and I tenacious to the core!

My mom has recently broken her dominant arm.  I have spent a lot of time with her trying to help out with tasks.  I've learned something!  She is stubborn, tenacious and wants to keep going no matter what!  And, so am I.  I'm blind!  Totally blind!  No problem!  Find a way to keep going!  Do what I need to do.  That is how my mom is with her arm too.  She passed those traits on to me and they have really assisted me and assist me every day.  When faced with a new task, a challenging new thing, people who don't think I can do things, I just keep trying, finding ways to adapt things, advocating for myself, explaining to others.  I learned all of this from her.  And now, she is finding ways to adapt to her temporary one armed status.  Doing what she can, asking others to assist when she needs it, moving forward with no self pity and no excuses.  Thanks mom!  We sure are a stubborn pair!  And both of my grans were stubborn ladies too!

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