Monday, December 10, 2012

Three funny things done by the dog!

My guide dog is a character. She has always been a character. I always love having guides with great senses of humour and great self possession and she has it all. So, yesterday, she did three funny things. I was out for lunch with my mom. We entered the restaurant. Mom was guiding me and Tulia was walking beside me but not working. As we passed a table, she gently placed her little black head in a lady's lap. She's never done this before. The lady let out a little squeak but then said how beautiful Tulia was. How much she loved dogs. Tulia then sat down right beside my leg. "Did I do that? did I?" After a while, it was pretty funny. Next funny thing. After the lunch, I was home and went looking for my slippers. Who was lying on them both warming them up, yes it was the Tulia. They were nice and warm when I put them on. Next funny thing. All weekend I have had internet trouble. In fact, 2 times my mac computer shut off by itself. The internet was not working. I was about to call my service provider and also apple about my mac. When, I discovered that one of the many dog beds around here, had moved slightly and was up again the wall where a plug to the power bar was. so when Tulia would flop herself down on her bed, she ended up turning off power to the computer and also to the router. Problem solved. Moved the dog bed over.

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