Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sorry for what?

Yesterday, we went briefly to the mall so that I could get some pants hemmed and fixed. I don't like braving the boxing day crowds that much but we did it anyway. I left my guide dog home as it was so crowded and went sighted guide. I went into the change room and put on my new pants, came out and stood on the step so that the woman could see them. She pinned them up and then asked me to turn sideways to see the mirror. I was not sure if that meant she wanted me to see the mirror or if she wanted to see it. I turned sideways anyway. The length felt good to me so when she asked if that was okay, I said yes. then as I reached for the wall ! touch it and orient myself, I think she finally realized I was blind. She said, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." This happens a lot. It got me thinking. She probably was embarrassed for telling me about the mirror. Yes, but I find those things funny and refreshing actually. Was she sorry I was blind? Not sure! Was she sorry she didn't realize I was blind? Not sure. She had given me good service and was very nice and respectful so I saw no problem.

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