Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The reason to walk through the slushy world.

Yesterday we had freezing rain. Last night we had rain. Today we have snow. I was working on some stories and other paper work. I was going to stay in working on it but felt I needed a walk and my dog did and so we set off. It was very slushy and wet and a bit icy on the sidewalks. My dog wasn't happy with her boots or the slush really. I considered turning back after a bit but needed to get a few things and so kept going. I'm glad I did. After picking up a few things, I took a short cut through a building and as soon as I opened the door, heard the live sounds of a wonderful choir. We stood and listened for a while. What a good choir they were and what a nice surprise. Loved it and made the trip home enjoyable as their songs and harmonies stayed in my head!

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