Wednesday, September 26, 2012

reading minds?

Today something hit me. No not literally. When you first get a new guide dog, you and the dog don't know each other. I've loved each of my dogs almost right away. Felt comfortable with them. happy. Safe more or less (more safe as time passed) But, there comes a time, when dog human relationship has evolved to the place where I feel that sometimes we do not need to say anything to each other. Sure, I still give commands. Sure I still praise. sure we communicate. But there are things I know and my dog knows. It hit me today. As we walked along, Tulia paused. Not the pause that means, "I'm figuring something out." But a pause and a pull towards the grass that says, "Hey, can we stop while I have a pee. So off with the harness and she hit the grass. Then, as we walked, ahead of us in the block, a dog barking menacingly. A dog in a car. Jumping at the windows. Barking. All might be okay but I thought, "Well we could walk past that dog or we can cut through this building on my right and avoid the dog altogether. I did not say, "Right inside. or anything else. I was just thinking a bit when Tulia swung right, pranced to the door and showed me the handle. Then, later on, I was thinking about construction ahead and thought I would turn right and go around the block. Again, I was about to say right, but we had already turned.

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