Friday, September 7, 2012

Dentist adventures

I had some dental adventures this week. Broke a chunk out of a tooth. No, I didn't bump into anything. I wasn't playing sports. I just bit into a piece of toast and there it was!
Or I guess I should say, there it wasn't.
Well, the good things about the dentists if you are blind are the following.
I thought of these while I was lying there and they were drilling and filling.
First, I had my dog with me. She was so calm and happy and would lean her head on my leg and once even on my shoulder looking at what they did. Felt so nice and comforting. Just like having your mom there when you were a kid.
Next, couldn't see the things coming at me.
Just lay there and let them work.
Bad things, had trouble talking from the freezing. On the way down in the elevator, I asked someone if this was the ground floor. He said, "Have you just been to the dentist?" Was it that obvious?
Anyway, all is well now.

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