Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dog's calmness makes me calmer too.

A lot of people around me have been going through serious health problems and difficult situations. It has shaken me up greatly. Yesterday afternoon, I was working at my desk but thinking about all that is going on. Feeling sad and overwhelmed. And then, suddenly, a little black lab head bumped my arm. a dog appeared. Wagging her whole self. Living in the moment. Dragging over a rope with which to play her most favourite game of tug. And tug we did. Her whole self wagging. Then, she flung herself on to my legs. Rubbing her head all over me. Wagging, snorting, rolling. and somehow I felt better. Got that sense that life is to be lived joyfully. That things will be what they are but we can get through them and we will. And how did she know that I needed her to do that, just right at that very moment?

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