Monday, April 23, 2012

Turning on any mac computer to make it accessible for me.

Yesterday while at the apple store, I turned on a mac computer and turned on voiceover their screen reading software. This doesn't sound like a big deal to most people. After all, sighted people turn on computers all the time. They use computers at work, at school, in other locations. They just turn them on and they work. For people who are blind, this has not been the case. We always had to buy special screen reading software which could be very expensive. We had to install it on computers and could often only install it on two or three of them. When we got jobs, we worried about the computers at work being accessible. but, I can now turn on anyone's mac computer, put voiceover on, and it works. If you have a mac and want to try it, use the function, command, f5. furthest key to the left on the bottom row, plus keeeey right next to the space bar on the left of the bottom row, plus f5. To turn voiceover off, use the same key combinations. Very liberating for me.

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