Wednesday, April 25, 2012

e-mails from my mom.

My mom has recently learned to send and receive e-mails. She sends them to me regularly. It is so wonderful to open up the inbox and find things like: "Have a good day honey. I love you!" And: "I miss Tulia." Notice she doesn't miss me smile! Or, "Good luck with your workshop." Things like that. It reminds me of the fact that my mom learned braille when I was small. She wrote me lots of notes. Notes on the fridge. Notes in my lunch. Notes from santa and the easter bunny and the tooth fairy. I never quite knew how a rabbit could write braille! Notes when I was away at boarding school and university. Tags on christmas gifts. We haven't exchanged notes for several years. Just talked on the phone but now the notes are back in my inbox and I love it! Can even read them in braille with my braille display.

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