Monday, April 9, 2012

The titanic


I was reading some statistics about the titanic last night as it makes its anniversary journey.  I guess some people might like to be on such a journey but it would give me the creeps!  I wouldn't want to re-trace the route.  As I read about the ship, I thought about how little I knew or thought about the structure itself.  Its size.  Its furnishings.  Its newness.  I always thought about the people that were on board.  The workers.  Especially the musicians.  The people who were in steerage.  Those who didn't get to sail on it.  But, I hadn't thought much about the ship itself.  Then I started thinking about ice bergs and their sizes.  Trying to imagine them.  Wondering about the cold emanating         from them.  It is very fascinating to think about these things.


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