Sunday, March 11, 2012

Walking in the quiet of the morning.

It was awfully quiet out there this morning when Tulia and I first ventured outside. We had a quick walk and then both were glad to come back for breakfast. as we neared home, I heard a growling and a coughing and a tugging on leash. I stopped and got Tulia to sit. A man called cheerfully, "Good morning." Dog growling, pulling, coughing. "Hello," I say tentatively. "Don't worry. I have him under control." I don't say it but that is not what I'm hearing. He moves across the road from us. Dog jumping now I hear the claws on pavement. Then, "Whiskey you be good." he says. I almost laugh out loud. "He's okay. He's under control." Then as they go off up the street he calls, "Have a nice day." He did keep whiskey away from us but I wouldn't call that under control. Perhaps the dog should have some whiskey? It really made me laugh. Tulia sat still like a statue and took it all in. Then, she got up and off we trotted for home. Thanks to him though for moving away from us and not letting his dog near Tulia.

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