Saturday, March 3, 2012

A sad anniversary.

We just returned from yoga class. It is a sort of mild day here with lots of slushy puddles and very strong winds. As I walked along with my little black lab girl, I remembered that a year ago today, we lost our lovely Gia dog. Gia was a regal and smart golden retriever. She was my third guide dog and guided me for nine years. Miss Gia was calm and confident and had a wonderful way about her. She saw me through some rough times with my health with dignity and solidity and calmness. When she retired, I wondered, I really wondered about the next guide. Who could fill her paws. Of course, no one could. But the little black lab girl who danced and wagged her way into my life and heart has filled her own paws. Tulia wakes up every day knowing life is an adventure to be lived. She is the most loving and kindest dog in the world. One of the smartest I've ever known with an incredible memory and sparkle that touches the hearts of all who meet her. And so, with each loss, my heart is sad and grateful, and with each new guide my heart opens to a whole new doggy being at my side. I miss you Gia. I love you tulia

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