Monday, March 5, 2012

Reading PDF documents.

Pdf documents can be very frustrating for people who are blind. Sometimes they work and you can read them. Sometimes you can't. If the document was created by taking a picture of a file, the file often says graphic or can't read. Then, the blind person is faced with an unreadable document. If the document was created using a word document and then converted to PDF, it seems much easier to read. I recently purchased a piece of software from the makers of system access serotek. They have a program called docuscan plus which allows you to scan pages of text and have them read to you. But, you also can get it to scan a pdf for you. It does a very good job. It has saved me several times lately. So, for those creating pdf's, can you please try to make them accessible? And serotek, thanks for docuscan plus and for all you do.

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