Sunday, November 10, 2013

Funny interactions with kids.

Yesterday I had a wonderful time at the foundation fighting blindness event in Ottawa.  I gave a workshop “Intro to Idevices and accessibility” and I had a table for our GTT program.  It was fun and I talked to many people.  The volunteers were wonderful.  As I was standing beside my table, a little kid came up with his dad.  They had been playing squash at the rec centre and were leaving.  The kid said that they would like to pat the dog. Don’t know if the kid was a he or she.  So, the dad said that they could not pat the dog because the dog was working.

I explained about Tulia wearing her harness and then said that if I took the harness off, they could give her a pat.

I did this.  The kid patted her, thanked me, and started to walk away.

I heard the kid say to the dad, “I would like to buy that dog."

Very funny indeed.

I told them Tulia was not for sale.

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