Thursday, November 7, 2013

Being a well behaved guide dog has its hazzards.

We were on a plane the other day.

Everyone always asks me, “Can your guide dog travel with you on the plane?  How does that work?"

The answer is yes a guide dog is allowed in the cabin of the plane.  The guide dog lies at your feet on the floor as he or she would in a taxi or other vehicle.

Tulia is a great traveler.  Nothing seems to phase her much.

We were sitting on the plane and she was lying curled up at my feet.

Flight attendants were moving through the cabin telling people to take off head phones, turn off cell phones, store their cabin baggage, etc.

They got to us.  She said, “Excuse me but  you will have to put that bag under the seat in front of you."

I was confused.  I had stowed my purse and my backpack in the overhead bin.

“What bag?”  “The one at your feet.”  Then she looked again.

“Oh my gosh that is your dog.  She is so good and quiet I thought she was a black bag!"

All through the flight she would come by and comment on how good Tulia was.

And no I did not shove her under the seat!

She is small enough though.  She would have fit perhaps.

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