Monday, May 21, 2012

guide dogs in and out of harness. The differences.

Yesterday, I had a long day of working in various places and ways. i left the house early in the morning and got back near dinner time. My guide dog Tulia was in harness most of the day. when she is in harness, she is calm and professional. at one point yesterday, someone asked if they could pat my dog. about 6 or 7 people were in the room at that time. I took her harness off and she instantly became her off duty self. Wagging and rolling about. Wanting her stomach rubbed. the people were amazed at the change. not that our guides do not like working. They love it but they are working. so they are more serious and focused when working. And here is another myth. Our guides do not work when we are in our houses. They are loose and playing and sleeping and doing what dogs do. my dog is currently sleeping at my feet. And, there is nothing more comforting than a dog sleeping on your feet.

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