Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Chinese activist. The language the media uses.

I feel proud of the totally blind lawyer who escaped his house and escaped from his guards. I feel proud of him for championing human rights. I am proud to be blind as he is. But some of the stories irritate me. He is always described as blind first. The blind man who escaped. The blind chinese activist. His blindness is a factor. I wonder about it. How did he learn and get educated? How did he travel around independently? How did he adapt his work? but I wonder also about his other qualities and characteristics. Some of the tone of the articles imply that how could a blind person do these things? Well, in the night he wouldn't need lights to move around. He would know the area around his village and could travel about with ease presumably. He could think and plan what to do. He was brave and courageous and intelligent and stuck to his beliefs and yes he is also blind. But his blindness is not an oddity or the most important thing in this story. It is a part of him as it is a part of me.

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