Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sounds of a thaw

It is too early for it to be truly spring, but yesterday it lifted my heart to notice changes in the weather.  I'm sorry to all of you skiers out there.  But, it is nice to know that spring is headed our way.  First, I noticed bird sounds.  More bird sounds than I have heard in a few months.  The sun felt warmer on my face.  I also heard the drip drip drip of snow melting off the roofs and snowbanks.  I heard a pile of snow swish and then topple from our roof.  There were big puddles on the sidewalks which my guide dog hates.  But, she didn't need to wear boots yesterday.  There was a different smell in the air too.  Not quite a spring smell but nice none the less.  I'm always glad when I don't need hats and hoods that muffle sounds or gloves that blindfold fingers or thick boots that cover up tactile landmarks I can feel with my feet.  And Tulia will be happier when she doesn't need boots most of the time too.

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  1. Oh how I love bird sounds! Cricket will be much happier as well when spring weather comes.


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