Sunday, February 19, 2012

On tv tonight and thanks to a friend.

I am on tv here in Canada tonight on a channel called cbc bold in a program called creative block.  I will provide its link at the bottom of this post.  The link just posts a small fragment of the show.  I don't believe it is on line but I could be wrong about that.  At the end of the season, I will receive a copy.  After I tried to listen to the clip, my friend Gary called and he described all of the action to me.  I was so glad.  What I heard in the clip was just me talking and I didn't know about the various shots, people shown, my poster for my show, etc.  I could hear the differences between my studio voice and my voice on stage.  However, I didn't know anything about the variety of shots and things they showed just in this small clip.  Thanks Gary for your kindness.  Thanks cbc for filming me.  Thanks storytelling for giving me such a great career.  Thanks to all of you for reading my blog.  I'm most grateful for it all.

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