Monday, September 8, 2014

Adventures on public transit.

So the other day, I got onto the city bus with my guide dog.

she got on the bus, went and found a seat, and tucked herself away under it.

Then, a lady across from us, started talking to the dog.

“Oh look at you.  Aren’t you a pretty dog.” Etc.  My guide sat there like the professional she is.

I patted her head and stroked her silky ears.

Then, the lady said very loudly, “I couldn’t imagine anything worse than being blind."

I said nothing.  For one thing, here she is on a bus alone and here I am on a bus with a beautiful, intelligent dog.

I had just spent a while in a yoga class.

I was off to meet another storyteller so we could plan a show on the NAC fourth stage in the spring.

I have a radio show.

I teach people to use their technology.

I do web testing and teach braille.

I have great friends and family.

My life is full and rewarding.

So then, after she says that about nothing can be worse than being blind, she says,

“Excuse me lady but what is your dog’s name?"

I say nothing.  As if I will tell her now after she commented that blindness was the worst possible fate.

Then after she asks me a second time, while I just sit and pat my dog, she says, “I guess you don’t want to tell me.  Why would you not want to tell me the name of your dog?"

Hmmm I wonder why?

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