Saturday, August 4, 2012

people don't think we can be athletes.

This morning, Oscar Pistorius made history by running in an olympic race and making it to the next round of the men's 400 meters. he does not have legs and runs on artificial ones. I can't describe them to you as I do not know what they are like. But, I have been following the story. Some people said that it would be dangerous for him to compete. This is a common thought. Sports would be dangerous for us, for those around us, and why would people with disabilities do them? I myself have participated in many sports. People are amazed to know that I ran cross country and a bit of track. But how? Why? That I was a competitive swimmer and paralympian. Again, why? How? Skiing, skating, hiking, sandem cycling. Participating in sports has kept me healthy, happy, given me interests and activities that I love, help me travel around the world with confidence. i have not yet quite figured out why this makes people so nervous. Perhaps it is because we are often perceived as weak and pathetic. This makes participating in sports unlikely and even dangerous perhaps. or maybe they imagine themselves trying to do these things with their eyes closed and this makes them nervous. i'm so glad for Oscar that he is making history in a classy manner. Go go blade runner.

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